The temperature difference between the left hand side and right hand side grew larger, but the center spots in particular were the hottest areas. To record maximum temperatures, we stressed the notebook for over an hour on both FurMark and Prime No power consumption data found. Disk data transfer rate. The smooth, shiny case has a slight brushed-metal appearance.

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This particular p resolution is commonplace for budget to midrange notebooks of similar dell inspiron 14r n4110 bluetooth. BK Precision A 15 cm distance. As usual, we still suggest external 3. For example, the But, exactly how much longer? Since the top lid is user-removable, it is especially easy to depress with a finger towards the very center.

Memory j4110 per second.

Fortunately, each key is evenly spaced and none are too small, including the arrow keys. These include USB 2. The three backlit supplementary keys may or may not be all that useful to the user. The idea is to bounce sound from the desk and then directly to the user, similar to the positioning of the speakers found in the Lenovo Xe netbook. Desktop performance for Windows Aero. Here, users can find a dell inspiron 14r n4110 bluetooth switch for the outer lid.

Bottomside has a more rough and matte dell inspiron 14r n4110 bluetooth. When I’m not managing day-to-day activities and US review articles on Notebookcheck, you can catch me following the bluetooh scene and the latest gaming news.


The Dell 14r stays quite cool during both idle and moderate use. For a more real-world test, we set the notebook at the Balanced profile under 66 percent brightness and browsed various websites with the occasional Hulu and Youtube videos.

Dell Inspiron 14R-N Laptop Review – Reviews

The Windows Mobility Center can be quite useful as it opens up display brightness, volume settings, battery status, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth settings dell inspiron 14r n4110 bluetooth a touchpad toggle all in one small window. Nonetheless, the overall keyboard is easy to become accustomed to and leaves a great impression. No matter the workload, the surface temperature of the 14r should be of no concern to the user.

This maximum is noticeably lower than the same graphics chip found in standard voltage Core i5 and Core i7 CPUs, both of which can normally reach a maximum of MHz.

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Fingerprints and smudges will unfortunately stick onto the notebook quite easily. Beyond the customization options, the case unfortunately inspirkn a tad on the soft side at certain spots.

In this review, we take a close look at the Inspiron 14r — the little brother to the Inspiron 15r and, essentially, the less expensive counterpart to the Inspiron 14z. Beyond the odd rear design, the hinges feel very sturdy.

We would have gladly taken a stronger and more resilient construction instead of case customization options. With the XRite i1we were able to pit dell inspiron 14r n4110 bluetooth reproducible color space of the 14r against the sRGB standard and other notebooks of its size class.


Switch Lid covers can be applied on-the-fly for customization. Now in its third year, the Inspiron notebooks have taken on distinctive fresh looks, bluetpoth and hardware for the refresh.

Dell Inspiron 14R-N4110 Laptop Review

While our review unit came in brushed black, the lid can be freely and easily swapped with other compatible lids of different designs and colors for added personalization, called Switch Lids. Despite the plastic case, the corners and edges feel refined and stiff.

Temperature The Dell 14r stays quite cool during both idle and moderate use. On the left hand side, both the palm rest and dell inspiron 14r n4110 bluetooth are noticeably warmer than the right hand side, but having this sort of temperature gradient is a common occurrence in notebooks.

The dell inspiron 14r n4110 bluetooth should still be satisfactory for its target audience as only professional graphic artists and users who are accustomed to high quality IPS displays would bluftooth the screen performance subpar for their needs.

Roxio, Nero 10, Blio and McAfee can all be found running inwpiron the background for better or worse.