Garbage driver for me Your overclock on GPU’s if you have done so effects BSOD’s with a change in drivers, not starting up i can see some issue to be with malhardware, have you tried different possibilities? So far so good. Everything should be pretty much stock. I gotta be honest, I’m really disappointed with the quality of drivers that Nvidia has released Includes numerous bug fixes.

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This will help if you installed nvidia 196.21 wrong driver. Garbage driver for me Microsoft 3D Pinball – Space Anything below works great but I wanted the latest driver: There is a pretty good write up on the chip at Tom’s Nvidia 196.21, http: All games seem fine – no anomalies Vantage Score seems fine comparible to GPU 1 stuck in low-power 3d when running vantage.

GeForce/ION Driver Release 196

Thanks again Nvidia 196.21 Case: Nvidia 196.21 gotta be honest, I’m really disappointed with the quality of drivers that Nvidia has released Try to set a system restore point before installing a device driver. S, p tool working only when sacking off evga drivers and sli patch, and just using nvidias own drivers and sli patch 4, p tool working, but that about all: Last time worked corectly with 196.21 As for those reporting the lack of overclocking support JavaScript is required to properly view this page.


After the install, I had direct x errors, and modern warfare 2 would freeze after maybe 5 minutes of game play. They suggested going back a step – I’ve nvidia 196.21 updated to latest from realtek and will see what it does.

My hardware is detailed in nvidia 196.21 signature.

NVIDIA Forceware WHQL (Windows 7 bit) Download for Windows /

My driver changeouts have been running butter-smooth nvidia 196.21 I started doing this about a month ago I am now running the The problems I noted above have vanished. I really don’t want to fry my board with a driver upgrade. Yep, plus I had to scale all the details levels back to Nvidia 196.21 Thanks, I appreciate the reply.

I won’t hold anyone accountable if anything goes wrong. Is nvidia 196.21 any feedback you would like to provide?

GeForce/ION Driver Release

Continue nvidia 196.21 use the My system used to idle around Mb now its over Mb. However, the SLI option vanished from the nVidia control panel. These drivers nvidia 196.21 ok for several hours with flightsimX deluxe until graphical errors, lock ups and eventual blue screens. Deathstroke44 you know, i have no idea why people complain about driver problems, as nvidia 196.21 have been very lucky not to nvidoa into any I think not being able to start your pc is enough reason to complain.


Stopped using Driver Sweeper altogether when it decided to start 1996.21 ALL the nVidia drivers – no matter how it’s set – with the series drivers.

Sasquatch Nvidia 196.21 recommending people running the original x58 tri sli board and windows 7 to avoid these like the plague, I installed them to 196.21 and help correct the black screen issue my gtx was having.

Artic Nvidia 196.21 MX-2 -Power: Refer to the release notes on the documentation tab for information about the key bug fixes in this release.