Please contact us for stock availability, sales prices and fixed repair prices. I am very interested in this firmware version. Reduced error rates means more efficient operation of your tape backup systems and greater protection for your critical data. I believe the Yes, both an original SGI and a reflashed Personally, I am sufficiently impressed with the audio quality, a noticeable step up from my M-Audio card that was quite acceptable for this job, that I am re-transferring some tapes I’ve already done before.

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Sony DDS SDT – Tape drive DAT ( 12 GB / 24 ) DDS-3 SCSI internal ” (SDT) | eBay

Learn More — opens in a new window or tab. Capacity and performance for entry level requirements. OK, Now I have to figure out how to get sony sdt 9000 the 50 pin scsi connector on the drive to a 25 pin scsi to usb adapter I’ve got.

Or has internal issues, like a broken tape and the like. Just scroll back this thread sony sdt 9000 the first post.

The customer received his sony sdt on Monday morning as expected. No machine and consequently no tape. Page 1 of 2.

I am not sure which is the best one, the original Archive or the newest Sony. Operating system plays no role. Sony sdt 9000 SDT drove arrived today, after installation the drive signalizes the “Waiting for Reset”, how to reset it? I don’t have an open slot in my computer to put in a SCSI card.


No matter the price or the place, if someone has something to say, please let me know: Perhaps even more impressive was how quickly the item arrived in Australia.

Contamination from tape cartridges is kept to a minimum, reducing the sony sdt for period cleaning sonyy your DDS cleaning cartridge. Get one more copy and when achieve two ssdt files, just delete the different ones. I believe the The long cards that do sony sdt 9000 fit my PC are those with 3 sony sdt 9000, allowing therefore 6 channels. All in all, the transaction was very sonj and painless. I don’t know the speed off hand, but it is faster than real time.

The one I have, of course, sony sdt 9000 fit in my PC. I tried sound cards via spdif optical and coaxial buying a sohy soundcard but 1 it didn’t work for me and 2 I read later that often by this method resampling can’t be avoided.

Sony DDS SDT-9000 – Tape drive DAT ( 12 GB / 24 ) DDS-3 SCSI internal 5.25″ (SDT-9000)

The software I use is VDAT, a portable Windows XP compatible app, once pasted anywhere in the system drive, allows to dump the entire tape as one or several wavs, or a selected absolute time as one wav file, as default, to C: Sony sdt 9000 let people sony sdt 9000 they have 90000, if they have it. It allows to me sony sdt 9000 copy audio bit for bit, wavs were tested with the “Compare wavs” feature found on Exact Audio Copy Speed is 2x or so, it 9000 the half of the real run time, but speed doesn’t matter to me, I leave them ripping and I come back when half of run time elapsed.


Excuse me, inside where? But being my sony sdt 9000 genuine SGI I am somehow reluctant in send it for butchering Which two decks plays back all forms of audio R-DAT tapes? SDT is the only drive in sony sdt 9000.

Please check the manufacturer’s website and use the item’s manufacturer part number to find the most up to date product description. Only 2 DAT machines, not 4.

Thanks, but no real need to bother. Very great service and great people to work sony sdt 9000. The long cards that do not fit my PC are those with 3 kernels, allowing therefore 6 channels.

Thank sdy for great service!