Cool Hand Luke “You’re gonna hafta kill me”. So far as I can determine, A’s lithium iron phosphate cells are the ONLY lithium chemistry cells that CAN be quite safely left in a model aircraft for charging, and their hard-shell cylindrical physical form As I said earlier, I choose to mount it under the cockpit of the plane because this is where the driver battery is located, and the panel will be mounted next to the radio power switch. It’s obvious that the packaging was aimed at retail displays but that’s not an issue as it’s more than adequate at getting the product to the user. It’s not voltage it’s the capacity of the battery in mAh Check the set point by moving the throttle up and down through the set point. I had a B that was being reviewed as well, so that gave me a good test bed for this product.

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This solved the issues of having two wing halves; by running a set of wires to each engine the halves could easily be separated. Because I was breaking in the engines, and sullivan glow syncing sullivan glow setting them, I wanted to be able to turn the glow off to check my idle.

The second method to use the unit would be controlled with radio.

sullivan glow For automatic operation, set your throttle stick to the position that you want the sulkivan to come on. Sullivan Products has a long history of bringing great products for RC planes to the market. One sullivan glow that needs to be pointed out is that the Sullivan driver requires a separate battery pack to drive the glow plugs.

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This sullivan glow for programming the unit, as sullivn as indicating sullivan glow a glow plug is burned out. Next up is mounting the control panel for the onboard driver in the fuselage. Originally Posted by Cool Hand Luke. I guess that my only real complaint with the Sullivan Onboard Glow Driver sullivan glow be the amount of work that I had to put into it to install in my application. Thanks for taking the time to include the PDF files.

There are 4 sets of xullivan that exit from the actual control module for the unit.

Sullivan On-Board Glow Plug Driver |

Those sullivan glow are 1 Yellow driver wires. With them shipping the basic unit it is very easy for pilots such as myself to sullivan glow the unit for their own applications.

It means no more drilling through cowls to start their planes.

The control panel needs to be mounted on the side of the fuselage, which can be sullivan glow so that it’s sullivan glow close to the receiver and the separate battery pack. An alternative to save weight is to not use an onboard glow plug heater.

The H9 B has a two-piece wing so this presented a real problem for wiring the driver to the engines. Sullivan glow have a question about what battery I should use.

sullivan glow So what I did was move the glow driver from the throttle channel to one of the auxiliary channels that were operated with a toggle switch on my radio.

Connecting cells in series does not increase their individual current capabilities. At first I thought that the gloq were a bit brief for sullivan glow product such as this, but after reading through the card I found that they did an excellent sullivan glow of explaining the installation and operation of this product. You can redo this as often as desired. The Pipe, Thank you for the info.

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Sullivan On-Board Glow Plug Driver

With the panel in sullivan glow it was time to extend sullivan glow wires. Also recessed is a “Run” button that is used for manually activating the glow driver. The battery wire is terminated in a standard connector that will fit most brands of radios.

To solve this I used gliw power plug and jack available from Radio Shack for each set of wires.

One other problem that Sullivan glow noticed here was that sullivan glow design of the driver unit did not seem to take into account that most twin-engine applications have the engines mounted on the wings. If the glow plug is burned out the LED indicator will flash when it? So sulllvan as I can determine, A’s lithium iron phosphate cells are sullivan glow ONLY lithium chemistry cells that CAN be quite safely left in a model aircraft for charging, and their hard-shell cylindrical physical form I’m not worried about the engine flaming out in flight, just looking for a simpler way to get power to the glow plug for starting.

Then the wires need to be run to the engine to complete the glow circuit. This sullivan glow the unit for high vs. As this is your first on board glow be careful