It cannot find the drivers when I have it do a search. It’s as if the external hard disk has to be completely and soley dedicated to the virtual environment. Can anybody help me to solve the issue? How do I get my USB 2. Support Request Confirmation Number: I also made a prt scr with my device manager “View devices by Connection” on the remote virtual machine.

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When I attach the second hub and 1 bluetooth dongle, the icon appears in the ubuntu VM but nothing appears to happen hen I click on ‘Connect disconnect from host ‘.

I noticed this during a power outage.

Please type your message and try vmware view virtual usb device 01. If you use a command-line script to install View Agent silently, make sure to wait or sleep the script for long enough to allow the driver installation to complete before you restart the system.

At this point there is nothing that points out why you ran into this issue.

db:: Missing “VMware View Virtual USB Hub” with View 3x

When I trying to connect the vmware view virtual usb device 01 server with Windows 7 view client, it works well. Open Unassigned Date and Time Created: I’ve seen threads in the WS section which seem to mention similar problems, but no fix that I could vmware view virtual usb device 01 apply.


I upgraded from VMware Server 1. Read All 6 Posts. Most of USB devices work well with this client. We are running view 5. Can anyone tell me where I can find the drivers I uninstalled and reinstalled vmware tools at least 10 times. Read All 13 Posts. Usually I can operate TVbox with the remote, when I use VMwarte view to load Windows Virtual Machines and use a mouse and keyboard,select the right button of mouse,Android active back function and close Vmware View App how can I remap mouse button correctly?

I have upgraded the virtual machines to version 6 hardware and installed vmware tools.

So Maybe I Missed Something Everything is working fine, There problem is after rebooting the Virtual machine in mirrored desktop Not from vCenter Server I am not getting log off Scripts and login Scripts.

We are looking to use Dragon Speech speech recognition in applications which run on a Vmware view virtual usb device 01 View client, but the system does not recognise the speech mike usb connection.

VMware View Virtual USB Device 01 Drivers

Has anybody had this issue or have any solution for fixing it. I copied it and usb.

Many thanks in advance! But in either case it says that the service doesn’t exist. When i plug my USB 2. I am new in VMware and i want to use a special feature. KEMP has a nice virtual load balancer: How can i manage that?


Missing “VMware View Virtual USB Hub” |VMware Communities

Had to dig much in google in order to find similar instructions. Helps make sure that your firewall rules are working as intended.

Someone said that this might be a permissions issue. I hope this will be switched on by default for all new VM’s in the production version of vmware server, or at least devicf an easy to select menu option when you add the usb hardware. Devic am having the same problem in Windows envirionment. According to VMware docs this is a supported host, and vmware view virtual usb device 01 Vmwsre found prebuilt modules for this kernel and installed successfully.

I solved the problem myself after at least 1 week of searching: What is more confusing, is when I configure Passtrough and select all the USB controllers on the list and connect them to the guest system, it shows up as USB 2 controllers. Needs to re-insert again. Thank you and please continue to post updates here if any news becomes available regarding this topic.